NDTV Goodtimes was commissioning a show about dhabas along the highway. Our friend Nikku and his production house Small Screen were auditioning for anchors for the show. Even though we had no previous experience of being on TV we did have tons of experience and knowledge of food along the highways of India. Originally Mayur’s cousin Milan and his wife were meant to audition for the show but they were too camera shy so they suggested Mayur and his wife Michelle. Mayur’s wife liked her real job of teaching too much so it was left to us 2 retired bums Rocky and Mayur to audition for the show. The audition conducted in a back lane in Sarvpriya Vihar, Delhi consisted of Nikku, a camera and us telling a funny story from one of our travels. Nikku and the  channel liked our fresh, informal and humorous approach. The show was initially meant to be scripted and to go for 13 episodes but the fans and the channel loved the free flowing, honest, unstructured format so it continued on and does so until this day. We are proud of the fact that within 2 years HOMP won the Indian Telly Award for the Best Travel Show" . Today HOMP continues its 4 year+ unbroken run in many avtaars. Of simple, chance beginnings great things can be achieved. I mean free food and travel AND we get paid for having fun..seriously :)

Over the years some people have stayed constant namely Rocky, Mayur, Nikku and our immensely supportive Executive Producer Monica Narula. Many have been part of most of the journeys and contributed immensely be it Prshant the co-producer and driver extraordinaire, Subodh the production man and the living breathing memory of the show who can rattle of every possible detail about the show right from memory, Ajay the crazy camera man willing to do anything including lying under a rolling tank to get ‘that shot’, GJ the camera guy who was often the only really sane person on the show, Satish the driver who set the standard for all the other drivers that came along on the show, Vaidyanathan who though one of many audio guys on the show remained a ‘one of a kind’ always ready to needle and tease whoever needed it most. All these men and more have left their imprint on the show as have the editors Pankaj, Vishal and others who really ‘got’ the humour of the show..