Jai Hind

ai Hind was conceptualized by Prashant Sareen co-producer at Small Screen and as the idea grew and developed over many a conversation on the long HOMP journeys it became evident that Rocky and Mayur could really bring the stories of the Armed Forces to life. Being sons of Indian Armed Forces officers themselves, they were equally passionate about showing the valour, sacrifice, and supreme skills of the brave warriors of the Armed Forces in all fields of endeavour and every environment possible.

Full marks to Prashant for the idea and to Rocky for building the unique look of the show including the uniforms, and the idea of participating wholeheartedly in every possible activity no matter how difficult it is and how funny we look doing it. Before you laugh though see if you could walk dripping wet on a foot wide plank , crawl upside down along a rope and then drop into a tank of water..all this 50 feet above the ground!

Prashant continues to direct the show and Rocky and Mayur continue to hassle him to the point of insanity as they try balancing bayonets on their nose. Every interaction they have with members of the Indian Armed forces only goes to increase their respect and their admiration for these amazing men and women. Jai Hind!