Mayur Sharma

Mayur ‘retired’ from the apparel trade in 2003 when he gave up his job as the Head of Marketing(Asia) of a multinational organisation and went off to climb a mountain in Africa. Mayur has played, worked, traveled, rafted, and climbed his way across over 60 countries in 5 continents and is always looking to share new adventures at home, work, and in the fridge.

He is a passionate believer in ‘giving back’ and has found good use for his eclectic mix of skills. Among other such experiences he has taught English in village schools in Africa and South America, and helped rebuild a devastated village in post Tsunami Sri Lanka. Television is the blackboard and humour is the chalk that marks the underlying purpose of sharing learning and appreciation of the world beyond what many believe to be a humdrum existence. Mayur’s journey through life has been filled him with a sense of passion, irreverence and infectious humour (and great meals), which he brings to his ‘work’ no matter what it may be. He is based out of Delhi (the ‘out of’ is more frequent than the ‘based’ for sure) and plays ‘happy home’ with the loves of his life, his wife Michelle and daughter Amaya. A lover of red wine, cheese, ice cream and wildlife (only the wine and cheese for consumption of course!), a keen bookworm and passionate mountain trekker, Mayur is always ready to dive into anything for a laugh.