Highway On My Plate

Join Rocky and Mayur on their fun filled travels across the length and breadth of India as they use every excuse possible to eat their way through the length and breadth of our beautiful country. Eat, drink, sing, laugh and sing along as the duo celebrate what it really means to be Indian. Culture, breathtaking views, incredibly interesting people, ancient traditions, fans, festivals, a barrel full of laughter and of course, FOOD!

India's Most Haunted

20 years ago Rocky, Mayur and 2 of their friends had a bizarre brush with the paranormal. Once the shock and tremors faded Rocky plunged wholeheartedly into studying about the paranormal, going hunting for ghosts and publishing articles on the same. Mayur on the other hand proceeded to avoid all things paranormal like the plague.

In 2010 Rocky decided that supernatural occurrences, legends and myths were such an integral part of the Indian culture that they deserved a stage and a fresh approach to taking them beyond the scope of the fake, over-the-top, utterly unbelievable treatment that cinema and television were giving them. He developed the idea and dragged Mayur kicking and screaming to meet a new, young production team. Karan and Dibakar of Fractal Images brought a lot of energy, enthusiasm and excitement to researching the stories while Rocky provided the in-depth knowledge, detailed planning, the faultless execution, and the all important direction which made this show one-of-a kind. Mayur sweated his wide-eyed, terrified way across each episode and thanked his stars he came out alive at the end of each episode.

This was a very very very hard series to shoot...long hours, sleepless nights, deserted and often dangerous locations and we are not even talking about the stress and tension of shooting in haunted places. It required a lot of teamwork, mutual support, trust and the ability to just grit our teeth and get it done. It got done..that says it all!

Jai Hind

Get involved in some high octane excitement as Rocky and Mayur take you on a journey through the Indian Armed Forces. Find out what makes these warriors and defenders of our nation the best in the world, how they train, what skills, weapons, equipment they use, and of course, what they eat!