Vada Raha

Hands up all those who have been guilty of presuming that food from the southern parts of our beautiful country is always vegetarian, drowning in coconut oil and all about idlis, dosas and of course the vadas (did I say ‘uthhappams’ back there? No? Well ok then!). Go on stick that hand up, yes you too the gentleman at the back. As for me well I have always been a huge fan of the above-mentioned delicacies eating at Naivedyam in Delhi at least once a week and no I do not veer away from the dosa and idli combination.

Simply Sivaji

“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink” or “He who eats alone, chokes alone”

‘Anonymous’ is credited with the above and I can tell you he/she must have been a prolific writer if you think of how many quotes, comments, and musings are credited to him/her. As with most others this quote has hit the nail on the head. If you think on it I am sure you will agree that the best meals usually include excellent company as an essential ingredient.

My work (a 4 letter word)

My work (a 4 letter word) keeps me on the road for over 20 days in a month and therefore the rest of the time is spent recovering either in bed catching sleep or in coffee shops waking up. That would make me a sort of expert on highways you would think, so did I, but oh boy was I wrong. “The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see,” says G.K. Chesterton and just when I thought I’d seen everything, having been the quintessential tourist, along came 'Highway On My Plate'.

Paradise on Earth

“Gar firdaus ae baruhe zamin ast
Haminastu hamin astu hamin ast”

If there is heaven on earth it is here, it is here it is here. These are the words spoken a few hundred years ago by a besotted mughal emperor for Kashmir and they ring true even today.

Never eat more than you can lift. -Miss Piggy

With this thought firmly in mind we set off on our.ourney to explore…the highways of India, the food, the drink, the life less ordinary. At the onset my take on this whole adventure was that it was a chance to travel the highways and byways of India with my best friend, doing what we love best i.e. eating. Acting, performing, chatting with people, handing out information

JAI HIND, in the real sense

The new season of JAI HIND launches on the 26th of January 2011 and it is a show unlike any that has ever been made on the Indian armed forces. Shoting for this show has taught me a lot of things and I want to share my most important learning and observations with you.

Its tough being tough

The night is still and silent. Somewhere out in the Arabian Sea lurks an enemy come to destroy strategic targets on Indian soil that will reduce the efficiency of our nation to wage war. Radars, weapons factories, electricity producing plants, airports etc. They must not be allowed to get through. Don’t worry, they won’t.


The most popular story about its origins relates to the demon Holika, sister of the Asura Hiranyakashap, who burned to death as she tried to do the same to her nephew Prahlada a devotee of Rama. There are others starring a stellar cast of mythological figures including Krishna, Brighu and Agni. Holi is also celebrated to mark the end of winter and the advent of spring with its promise of new life. Speaking of new life, we do like the story about Holi being the remnant of an ancient fertility rite and that it is celebrated with drinking binges and orgies by some tribal communities.

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